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Friday, August 04, 2006

My Hot Outting Sunday...

So normally I don't take calls on Sundays (as many of you may have noticed) but I didn't take calls last night either. I actually went out Sunday and met this totally hot guy while I was out with my gf's. Well, we danced together but I came to find out that he was a member of the pinky club so I ditched him for a good looking (but not nearly as hot as the other guy) who was built like I like 'em. We danced the night away and right before I left he asked me for my number and I decided to take his I only had a cell phone! I need to make some Niteflirt cards up and make those f*ckers call me at NF!!! LOL I figured I would call him sometime next week and maybe we could have a mutually satisfying f*ck session!

Well, I was in the grocery store...yes even college girls have to eat...and who is a cashier there while he is in school??? Yeah, how'd you guess it was my guy from the club! He was a little pissy at first bc I didn't call him back but after talking for a few minutes I asked him if he'd like to come over for dinner and he said yes. Well, dinner wasn't the only thing cookin' last night!!! Thank goodness I had already taken the lasagna outta the oven! We had an animalistic f*ck session that lasted hours...then we ate cold lasagna (which I like anyway!) and then banged each other some more. Finally, we fell asleep, the first time I actually slept with a guy in forever, and around 5 am he had to leave for work. I never did give him my number and I don't know if I wanna see him again but heh, it was still hot!!!

So if you read this I would love to have you post one of your hottest F*cks in the comments sextion!!! I can't wait to read about free masturbation material!!!


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