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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tonite's Fun

So tonite started sooooo slowly. I thought I was going to have no one to call me while I rubbed one out but alas I got lucky and a couple of regs called. First off AJ is the sweetest!!! We had the greatest convo! He is sweet, funny and has an incredibly sexxxy accent!!!

Along came Lek! Hehehehe, I told you I was going to Blog you Lek. He is amazing! Tonite I got his addie, his b-date, and his parents names!!! Next time I told him I was going to get him f*cked up enough to give me his mother's maiden name and his social! I bet I can do it too...he just LOVES being mind fucked and I am the queen of mind fucking. I told him of a couple of experiences where I f*cked men's lives up for either screwing me over or for not doing what I wanted! He was sooooooooo aroused by that!

As for the rest of my night I went to dinner with my Mom, Daddy, and brothers as it was Daddy's b-day. I have always been a Daddy's girl and tonite was no exception.I gave him the best gift he could have ever wanted and he liked mine best!!! Of course! While I was at the restaurant I was joking around about not knowing what to get, blah blah blah and the one bus boy came over and started flirting with me. He was wayyyyy cute so we exchanged numbers. I am fairly certain he'll call! I don't wanna date him...I am transferring to my 4 year college so I can't get attatched but heh, a good ol' fashioned f*ck would sure be nice!



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