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These are the exploits, fantasies and musings of a sexxxy little college nympho. I love talking about all the naughty things that I have gotten into lately.

Friday, August 04, 2006

My Hot Outting Sunday...

So normally I don't take calls on Sundays (as many of you may have noticed) but I didn't take calls last night either. I actually went out Sunday and met this totally hot guy while I was out with my gf's. Well, we danced together but I came to find out that he was a member of the pinky club so I ditched him for a good looking (but not nearly as hot as the other guy) who was built like I like 'em. We danced the night away and right before I left he asked me for my number and I decided to take his I only had a cell phone! I need to make some Niteflirt cards up and make those f*ckers call me at NF!!! LOL I figured I would call him sometime next week and maybe we could have a mutually satisfying f*ck session!

Well, I was in the grocery store...yes even college girls have to eat...and who is a cashier there while he is in school??? Yeah, how'd you guess it was my guy from the club! He was a little pissy at first bc I didn't call him back but after talking for a few minutes I asked him if he'd like to come over for dinner and he said yes. Well, dinner wasn't the only thing cookin' last night!!! Thank goodness I had already taken the lasagna outta the oven! We had an animalistic f*ck session that lasted hours...then we ate cold lasagna (which I like anyway!) and then banged each other some more. Finally, we fell asleep, the first time I actually slept with a guy in forever, and around 5 am he had to leave for work. I never did give him my number and I don't know if I wanna see him again but heh, it was still hot!!!

So if you read this I would love to have you post one of your hottest F*cks in the comments sextion!!! I can't wait to read about free masturbation material!!!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Tonite's Fun

So tonite started sooooo slowly. I thought I was going to have no one to call me while I rubbed one out but alas I got lucky and a couple of regs called. First off AJ is the sweetest!!! We had the greatest convo! He is sweet, funny and has an incredibly sexxxy accent!!!

Along came Lek! Hehehehe, I told you I was going to Blog you Lek. He is amazing! Tonite I got his addie, his b-date, and his parents names!!! Next time I told him I was going to get him f*cked up enough to give me his mother's maiden name and his social! I bet I can do it too...he just LOVES being mind fucked and I am the queen of mind fucking. I told him of a couple of experiences where I f*cked men's lives up for either screwing me over or for not doing what I wanted! He was sooooooooo aroused by that!

As for the rest of my night I went to dinner with my Mom, Daddy, and brothers as it was Daddy's b-day. I have always been a Daddy's girl and tonite was no exception.I gave him the best gift he could have ever wanted and he liked mine best!!! Of course! While I was at the restaurant I was joking around about not knowing what to get, blah blah blah and the one bus boy came over and started flirting with me. He was wayyyyy cute so we exchanged numbers. I am fairly certain he'll call! I don't wanna date him...I am transferring to my 4 year college so I can't get attatched but heh, a good ol' fashioned f*ck would sure be nice!


Friday, July 28, 2006

Long time in CUMMING

WOAH, okay so it has been forever and about a year since I actually did any blogging and the past week I have had so damn many things that I wanted to blog....first off I am sooooo glad my first caller EVER to NF called me last week. He is sooo sexy and sweet and I will remember him always as my first...I luv ya babe!!! suck! Why'd ya get a gf??? Ahhhh, well, you are still an amazing phone fuck! I am so glad I got to talk to you has been WAY too long!!!

To my new Taboo cuties...there are a few of you guys so I don't wanna list ya by name but you are awesome!!! I love your extra dirty minds! Mine definately runs in the same gutter!!!

I have spoken to so many hotties this week that it is hard to mention just one or two but I have to mention Jerome. You, my sexy man, are so freaking incredible and that accent...OMG, melts my bones every time!!! I hope I get to talk to you again really soon!!!

So what's going on with me...well, I would say that it is hot as hell on Cali but anyone with an IQ over 5 should have read, heard, or watched something about/on it during the last few weeks. The ONLY good thing about hot weather is that I have an excuse to lounge around half naked all day and do nothing other than talk on the phone, rub my pussy and shower! I think I have cum fifty times this week...honest! It has been that kind of a week.

Look for my upcoming schedule posted here and on my listing on NF in the next few weeks and I am going to start working again on the html for my listings again...they are outdated and really need to be changed. I can't believe how corny some of that crap is! And I am happy to announce that I paid for my Domain name of DON'T click it though because I haven't built my site yet...hopefully I'll get a loser pay pig to pay for my site for me! YEAHHHHHHHH, that would be nice! Hmmmmm, maybe I will start a collection for my site only-I know who I want to do it (I tried but I don't know enough about web design and html to really do it justice!) but it's going to cost around $350 but there will be a blogging page, pics page, facts page, perks page, and a Domme page...yeah I am bitchy and like to take it out on little maggot guys at times!!!

Well, that's enough for tonite I think!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

An AwEsOmE NiGhT

I have to say...I just had an amazing time with an amazingly hot phone guy!!! He is such a hottie and EVERYTIME I talk to him I cumm SOOOOO hard. You know who you are!!! Thanks!! YOU ROCK!!!

I kinda hung out today other than that AWESOME "O" I got from my special guy caller! ACK, I have class tomorrow but it's all good cuz there are some fine AZZED guys in my classes not to mention the fact that my Math Professor is Hot HOt HOT as well!!!

Guess I will end here...if you have any ideas of what you'd like to hear about post a reply!!! I am not really sure what the heck I'm sposed to put on here!!!


Saturday, February 26, 2005

Missy's Beginning Post

Lots of people have asked me to get one of these things going so I figured what the heck! I am sooooo excited to finally get this sexxxy little BLOG up. I can't wait to get lots of feedback on it.

Tonite I didn't take calls because I was busy doing uhmmmmm other things...LOL I'll tell ya more about that later. Let's just say I met a couple of guys at a club tonite and we well, hit it off VERY well.I'd love to tell ya all about it. You just have to ask me!!! Oh by the's a favorite pic of me!!!